Marine Parasites?


Marine parasites are small in size, but they can be present in very high numbers and put mutually can in an estuary or bay ecosystem. They play an important role in retaining their host populace from growing out of control thus allowing them to exert power over food webs and ecosystem function.
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Crabs and Shrimps often form commensalistic symbiotic relationships with
A large part of increased parasite infection rates has to deal not only with the spread of domestic infection/ desease but also global warming leading to a increase in habitable areas
In the marine biome, a parasitic relationship would consist of a host and prey, where one would benefit over the other. For example, a leech on an animal would benefit since it would
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Marine parasites are the disease causing agents that live in an aquatic environment. An example of parasitism in the marine biome is sea lice which attack the ...
An example of a parasitic relationship in the marine biome includes that between a fish and a dinoflagellate Piscinoodinium. The dinoflagellate consumes the cells ...
There are many parasites in the open ocean. Digenetic trematodes are flatworm parasites. Toxoplasma gondii are parasites that infect marine mammals. Hematodinium ...
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