Mark Antony's Funeral Speech?


Marc Antony's funeral speech is so memorable because it caused Romans to lead a start a revolt against the assassins. He names the conspirators and states why their actions were justifiable, then reminds the citizens why their reasons were untrue. He then 'lets' them convince him to read Caesar's will. The result is that the crowd does what Antony intended them to do.
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By repeating the phrase "honorable men" in contrast with the act of assassination, Marc Antony brings into question the purity of the assassins motives and turns the mob
Good students ask more questions. eNotes educators are standing by. Essentially, though, it has probably gained such fame because it's so clever with its use of irony. Antony promises
Well, I was just evaluating the persuasion in Anthony's speech for homework purposes and here's my thesis statement for it: His speech –a manifest display of humility and consideration
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Mark Antony's funeral speech is from the play Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare. It is famous for its poetic language. It is also famous for its dramatic affect ...
Mark Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral is found in Act III Scene ii of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. The tone of Mark Antony's speech is of an aggregative ...
Mark Anthony's famous speech was that about the tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. It was a speech which changed the Romans against Brutus following his ...
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