How do you mount marker bindings?


To mount marker bindings start by placing the bench facing up and then present one of the binding plates on the ski making sure both are facing the same side as the binding's front and back side differ. Screw in the plate, making sure that there's no dust or other particles in the nut hole and that the screw goes in smoothly. As all bindings are different, check the manufacturer's manual to know how many screws are required then slide both parts of the binding in the plate's rail.
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1. Put on your ski boots, and clip them into the skis by inserting the toe of the boot into the front clip, then pushing your back heel into the rear clip. 2. Insert the screw control
If you don't already know, you should get it done by a professional at a sport store. If you do it incorrectly you could damage your equipment or get hurt. I've known a few people
If the binding features “EPS” it means it has the Edge Pressure
my answer is try this site… it's help you Source(s):…
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