Markovnikov's Rule?


The reverse of Markovnikov's rule is the rules for elimination reactions. The rule itself is for addition reactions. You can use the inverse of this rule in order to predict how the elimination reactions that correspond to each addition reaction would occur.
Q&A Related to "Markovnikov's Rule?"
Markonikov's rule is related to addition reactions so its reverse should be related to elimination reaction so it may be Saytzef's rule which states that during elimination reaction
The Markovnikovs rule is a rule for addition reactions: the empirical rule that when an
markonvikov's rule is for the addition of unsymmetrical reagent like HCl to unsymmetrical alkene. According to rule during addition of an unsymmetrical reagent like HCl to an unsymmetrical
You would produce butan-2-ol. The rule is: In the electrophilic addition of H-X, the H atom attached to the carbon with the most H's already attached. If you draw but-1-ene you will
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