Marlin Model 25 Rifle?


Where you get your Marlin Model 25 Rifle will determine its cost. New at a gun show, you can expect to pay about two hundred bucks for it, give or take. Picking it up from a pawn shop used, you might be able to acquire it a bit cheaper.
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25-100 USD
They are great guns - I own several. They are very accurate and I really like mine. Magazines can still be found all over. Marlin Customer service has them, as well as most places
A Marlin Model 81 DL .22 LR - Bolt Action Tubular Magazine Rifle
i own a model 60 and i clean it just like all my other guns, after every time i shoot it whether its one bullet or 200. the main thing with a model 60 is that after 200-300 rounds
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