Marlin Model 25 Rifle?


Where you get your Marlin Model 25 Rifle will determine its cost. New at a gun show, you can expect to pay about two hundred bucks for it, give or take. Picking it up from a pawn shop used, you might be able to acquire it a bit cheaper.
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35-125 USD.
A Marlin Model 81 DL .22 LR - Bolt Action Tubular Magazine Rifle
Price for a standard Model 60 in new unfired (100% condition is $140. Here's a link to an unfired 6081 for sale now. So far it's at $71 with 15 bids and 4 days to go on the auction.
Answer We have virtually all the parts for most Marlin models.
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35-125 USD. ...
The Marlin Glenfield Model 25 is a magazine fed bolt gun. There is no clip on this gun as it is a magazine. You can buy the magazine at Numrichs. ...
The value of a Remington model 25 pump rifle depends on the condition of the rifle as well as if it has all the original parts or not. The rifle was only made ...
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