How compatible is marriage between an Aquarius female and a Leo male?

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Leo & Aquarius
When Leo and Aquarius join together in a love match, the merging of Aquarian foresight and Leo creativity causes people to take notice. This partnership is energetic and unstoppable, and although occasional... More »
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Initially, things may be very pleasant in the love match between a Leo man and an Aquarian woman. However, if they do not try to understand each other, things might start getting
These signs are opposite to each other. There can be a strong initial
Very generally, signs in the same element as you Sun tend to click best but sun signs don't help with compatibility all that much. Aquarius is NOT the best match for ALL Leos. It
Hello, Aikanaro, Your question, unfortunately, does not have a simple answer. There is often a quite strong 'opposites attract' connection between two people of the opposite signs
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Leo men have healthy egos and tend to believe that they are truly the best at everything. This personality trait can be exhausting for an Aquarius woman, as they have a deep need for admiration as well. If a Leo man is too focused on himself, this leaves little time for him to shower his Aquarius partner with the love and affection she needs in order to thrive.

If the Leo male is willing to step down off his throne from time to time and provide his lady love with the devotion she deserves, this power-sign match can improve their compatibility with one another. Leos are incredibly charming, and Aquarius women love to be wooed. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs, and stubbornness is a common personality trait for both signs. If both partners willing to focus on one another instead of only focusing on themselves, a marriage between Leo and Aquarius definitely has potential, regardless of their astrological compatibility.

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