Married Men Single Women?


Married men and single women can be an explosive combination. A married man having an emotional and physical relationship with a single woman is essentially committing adultery and there is bound to be hurt and pain. The pain can be felt by the wife, the single woman, the man, or all three at the same time if the affair gets out of hand. Many single women may believe the married man will leave his wife for her, but this is not always the case. However, if the wife learns of the relationship, she may end the marriage on her own.
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Some young men feel they are missing something and know married women are more mature and independent and may want a fling out of sexual curiosity or, they may find themselves falling
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I think it's a combination of things, the whole chasing fun and the knowledge that they won't have to commit to the man. I had one girl pursuing my husband, she couldn't take "
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There are many reasons that single men have affairs with married women. The man may not want to be tied down and with a married woman there are no worries of a ...
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