Who were the Marshall University plane crash victims?


Southern Airways Flight 932 is also known as the 1970 Marshall University Plane Crash. The crash took place on November 14 and 37 of its victims were members of the Marshall University football team. There were also eight members of the coaching staff on board and 25 boosters for the team. All passengers on the plane perished after the aircraft burst into flames upon crashing into trees soon before its scheduled landing. Six of the victims' remains have never been identified.
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The National Transportation Safety Board concluded 1 1/2 yrs.
Click on the 'Marshall University' link on this page to go to the website run by Marshall University that acts as a memorial to the victims of the plane crash.
this site gives a list of the people, check it out: http://www.marshall.edu/library/speccoll…
MARSHALL, AK (July 10, 2000) Don Irvine, pilot for the Missionary Aviation & Repair Center died June 30 in a plane accident.
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