Mass Cards for Deceased?


A mass card is a message sent inform of a card from a family that lost a dear one to inform people that mass has been arranged for the deceased. Mass cards are mainly used in the Catholic Church and examples of Mass cards for a deceased include; praying hands, Jesus crucified on the cross
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A mass card, or a remembrance card, is a card of respect sent to a grieving family to advise them that a mass has been scheduled in memory of the deceased.
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n. Roman Catholic Church A card sent to a bereaved person or family indicating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased.
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Catholic mass cards for the deceased if a greeting card. It is so a person will know the deceased will be remember. Also, that the person will be prayed for in ...
A mass card refers to a type of card that is sent to a bereaved family that indicates that the sender had arranged for a special Mass in memory of the deceased ...
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