Mass of Empty Soda Can?


An empty can of soda has a weight of around 15 grams. However, this mass may vary depending on the product and the material used in making the can.
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The weight of an empty aluminum pop can is .5 ounces. The weight of
1. Weigh the empty aluminum soda can using a scale. Record the mass of the can in grams (g) If the scale is calibrated in ounces (oz) convert the ounces to grams by multiplying by
well you will either need something that measures in grams or the density and volume.
With liquid and unopened in it will usually have a net mass of 375 grams or 350grams in New Zealand.
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A soda can is a beverage can that is designed to hold a set portion of liquid such as carbonated soft drinks. When empty this can weigh about 15 grams and it is made of steel and aluminium alloy.
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