What is the mass of an empty soda can?


An empty can of soda has a weight of around 15 grams. However, this mass may vary depending on the product and the material used in making the can.
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The weight of an empty aluminum pop can is .5 ounces. The weight of
1. Weigh the empty aluminum soda can using a scale. Record the mass of the can in grams (g). If the scale is calibrated in ounces (oz), convert the ounces to grams by multiplying
1 ml = 1 g. so it's 100g of water plus the soda can's mass.
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A soda can is a beverage can that is designed to hold a set portion of liquid such as carbonated soft drinks. When empty this can weigh about 15 grams and it is made of steel and aluminium alloy.
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