Mastiff Boxer Mix?


A mastiff boxer mix refers to a breed of dog that has been mixed with two other breeds. The mix may be completed using a male boxer and female mastiff, or a male mastiff and female boxer. A person may choose to breed the mix for profit or other reasons. Someone who is looking to buy a mastiff and boxer dog mix can search local pet shelters or dog breeders in an area. A classified advertisement in the pets section of a newspaper may be a useful tool when trying to find the breed in larger cities or surrounding areas.
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1. Select the type of dog food to feed your boxer mastiff. Make the choice with the help of your veterinarian, who can advise you on which brand is best and if you should use dry
Our Boxer/Mastiff mix puppy is 14 weeks and 30lbs.
Average lifespan for boxers is 10-12 years. Mastiffs live 6-10
Seems about right but it usually says in the back of the box how much to feed the dog? I normally feed my dog in the afternoon like 12 or 1 and then at night like 6 or 7 but i think
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