How do you remove drawers from a Matco toolbox?


To remove drawers from a matco toolbox, position your matco tool chest on a raised surface such as work bench. Open the drawer and locate the retaining screws on either side of the drawer, inside the drawer box. Unhook the retaining screws on either side of the drawer with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Then, push the drawer in slightly after pull it up and out of the Matco toolbox. Set the empty drawer aside until you are ready to re-install it in your Matco toolbox.
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1. Open the drawer and remove the contents from inside the drawer. Look for the screws securing the drawer to the sliding rail. The screws are inside the drawer on each side near
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Matco tool boxes are a popular place for home mechanics to store their tools. Matco tool boxes come with the drawers already set up in a particular order. Moving the drawers to different
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