Math in Cosmetology?


Math is used in many areas of cosmetology. Math is needed to understand how to cut hair at an angle and to what degree. It's also used in measuring colors and mixing color formulas.
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Math is used when you are mixing certain products together as you would need to know the precise amount of each in order to get the correct result. With hairstylist, the need to know
Whenever a cosmetologist puts makeup on a client or cuts her hair, she is using geometry. Hair is cut at certain angles relative to the head. Makeup is applied in specific locations
you have to know your math and learn how to do things that your told to do and follow rules am still young but am learning :
Cosmetologists will use math skills when they are mixing hair dyes and so forth. They need to know
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In order to use the proper amount of hair color vs. bleach, understanding geometry and angles for hair cutting, understanding percentages for pricing reasons are ...
Most high schools do not have cosmetology classes but most classes are gonna help you in some way. You'll need math and science to mix the chemicals for hair. ...
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