What is some mathematical trivia?


There are many math trivia that one can find on the internet. This would include mnemonics in order to remember certain operations. For example, one can try to remember 'Did my sister bring rabbits?' in order to remember the operations for long division. This could stand for: divide, multiply, subtract, bring down and remainder.
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National Pi Day is March 14, at 1:59. (3/14
Maths trivia are questions that are uncommon and are probably never going to be used on a daily basis. When in your adult life (way after leaving school) why would you want to know
Hi Lyn. This is not the sort of question I answer on a regular basis. I had to put my T!92 programmable calculator to work with this one to get: 21978*4 = 87912. There was some analysis
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Math Trivia Games
Learning math is enhanced and enjoyable when the teacher is able to incorporate some learning games into the lessons. Problems and traditional homework assignments are still important but using these other methods forces the brain to work in a different... More »
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