Mathematics Slogans?


There are many great slogans for mathematics. Some of these slogans include: 'knowing how to add makes everyone glad', and 'take actions on those fractions'. Really anything catchy can make for a wonderful learning slogan for math.
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Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ~Albert Einstein Embed Quote
add your dream and multiply your goals to achieve your success.
the second one because it is less confusing. but, if you want to motiviate everyone, don't use GOD since some people don't believe in him.
Try to replace a structure on an object with a map to a clasifying object. E.g., replace a cohomology class of a space with a map to an Eilenberg-MacLane space. Replace a vector/general
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Math slogans can be used to show others how important or fun mathematics can be. The slogans may also be used by certain academic clubs, such as Mathletes or other ...
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