Matter Is Neither Created nor Destroyed?


'Matter is neither created nor destroyed,' is one of the most famous quotes in science. The phrase was coined by Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. Although he is credited with the discovery, there were many scientists and philosophers who came to the same conclusion before him.
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The law of conservation of mass (matter is neither created nor destroyed) was first clearly formulated by Antoine Lavoisier in 1789. However, Mikhail Lomonosov (1748) had previously
That law is the law of
Energy can be translated into matter - the two are interrelated by Einstein's E = mc^2. The Big Bang started with a high energy particle which translated into matter.
http://www.phy.davidson.e. du/fach. or check. hysics/. for the full version. I think Feynman will give a better explanation than I can give. For all practical
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