What is the value of a mauser 7.65 caliber semi auto handgun?


The value of most 7.65 Mauser pistols are around $300. Your gun is either the 1934 or the 1914 version, the older ones are worth a little more. In America, the 7.65 caliber is called 32ACP, and it is a common caliber. Look at your gun and see if it has any Nazi markings, because some of these guns were used by the Kriegsmarine and are worth 2 or 3 times as much as normal. My advice is not to sell it, but use it instead, it's a quality gun but will probably require you to buy a new main spring for it (since it's 80 years old).
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It depends on exactly which model it is. I have a model 1934 Mauser 7.65 pocket pistol that is worth (according to "the book" about $500, however, there are some rare models
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I had a "side latch" mod. 1910 a few years ago, I bought it for 200.00 and sold for the same price to a very good friend. But I did research it a little, mine was .25acp
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