Maximum Minimum Thermometer?


A minimum and maximum thermometer is a thermometer that will tell you the minimum and maximum temperature in a given time period. This thermometer is U-shaped. One half is filled with alcohol, while the other filled with an alcohol vapor or contains a vacuum.
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A minimum-maximum thermometer shows the minimum and maximum temperatures reached in any given period of time.
1. Examine the floats on the thermometer. The floats have some mechanism that will cause them to "stick" at their highest level until you press the reset button. The minimum
maximum and minimum thermometer: thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures reached during a period of time
The Maximum/Minimum Thermometers measure the highest and lowest
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How to Read a Minimum-Maximum Thermometer
A minimum-maximum thermometer measures the minimum and maximum temperature over a desired time period. This type of thermometer consists of a U-shaped glass tube filled with a liquid. The top half of the tube that records the minimum temperature contains... More »
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