How to set jumpers on Maxtor HD.?


sorta blurry. but you can make it out.…. Source(s) try that. sorry if it isn't it.
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DelphiMan2, If you have tried all of the other suggestions, and would like just one more, here is what you should do. Make a bootable cd or floppy disk for windows 2000, you can
Hi, The Dell Dimension XPS GEN2 has support for both, IDE and SATA standards. Your Maxtor is SATA drive, you can use any SATA drive as replacement. You mentioned that the OS no longer
Have not used this system in 8 years and wish to recycle after removing the hard drive which contains personal, sensitive info. Once removed, guess I'll smash the HD with a sledge
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nobus: I have gone on a different path. ...
turn off and remove power lead. remove case. Make sure you earth yourself. touching the case should be enough. install the drive in a spare hd enclosure. connect ...
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