May Wedding Colors?


May is a wonderful time of year to have a wedding. It is still spring, yet summer is just around the corner. When we think of a wedding in May, the perfect colors would be hot pink, yellow, orange, or green. Pairing these colors with a darker color would make them pop even more. Some dark colors would be black, chocolate, or a dark green. In the month of May, you will want the dominant color to be bright.
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The Wedding Party Brides should wear a dress that compliments her as well as the mood of her wedding. Strapless, sleeveless, halter or spaghetti strap dresses are fitting for the
Spring colors tend to be secondary colors; greens, purples; lighter hues of
As long as the colours are in harmony with each other, with the theme/mood of your wedding, and your personality/style, who says they 'have' to be pastel in Spring? Flowers that bloom
1 Use your favorite shade. You’ve been in love with pale lavender since the first grade, so this is a good place to begin – with what you love. You can tastefully incorporate
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Emerald green is the color that best represents the month of May. An emerald is the birthstone associated with the month of may and emeralds range in the green ...
The birthstone color for the month of May is green. The most commonly used green stone is an emerald. ...
There are many places that you can go to get inspiration for your wedding colors. Always keep in mind your grooms likes and wishes when coming up with a color ...
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