Maya Wrap?


The Maya wrap is something that you can carry small children with and keep your arms free. This is made out of a piece of material. It slings over one shoulder and then comes down to the hip and around the back. It ends up back and connected to the starting point. Where it hangs in front of the belly, is enough extra material to hold a baby. This wrap can have padding at the shoulder or not.
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1. Purchase 2.25 yards of fabric to make a medium size wrap, adequate for a person of average weight and height. Purchase 2.5 yards of fabric to make a large wrap. This size would
The website Maya Wrap offers stylish, comfortable and fully adjustable baby slings not only to savvy parents but also celebrities who all appreciate this baby product.
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I loved mine. But, my son was 10 lbs when he was born so we could only use it for 2 months. For nursing it was great because I bought the super extra long and the extra material made
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1. Tie the Maya Wrap Sling around your waist. The pocket will hang upside down and next to your body. 2. Hold your baby facing you as you bring the Maya Wrap Sling ...
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