Mayan Achievements?


The Mayans had several achievements. They were a very advanced culture for their time. One advancement was how they were able to understand astrology. They used astrology to aid them in when to plant and harvest their crops. They also created two calendars by using astrology. These calendars have proven to be the same as the ones that we use now. They also achieved building their temples without using a wheel or tools. They created looms to make their clothes and paint to make their drawings.
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They made an accurate calendar. They discovered the use of the number "0" the could predict solar eclipses, and they knew when the correct time for agriculture, started,
The three Mayan achievements are: Tikal, Guatemala; Copan, Honduras and Tulum,
Astronomy - Prediction of Eclipses - Precise record of prediction of eclipses: accurate within 7 min. over 32 years. Mathematics - Our decimal system is multiplied by 10. The Maya
Of these, I would have to argue that the Mayans were the most advanced civilization. The major reason for this is the fact of how long the various civilizations lasted. The Mayan
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