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The Mayans had many symbols that were used in everyday life. The main symbol was considered to be the jaguar. The jaguar represented power and strength. It ruled the Earth during the day, but at night, it ruled the underworld. Another symbol was the eagle. The eagle represented wisdom, clarity, and focus. The bat guarded the underworld. Earth represented movement. Night was another symbol and represented balance and surrender. Sun was the symbol of enlightenment.
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1. Write down your birthday or the date of birth of the person whose Mayan Zodiac sign you would like to find. 2. Use the following dates as guides to determine which Mayan Zodiac
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The Mayan symbol for love is Earth, which is representative of movement and slow
At the bottom of this web site is a number converter. Enter the your number in the box above the.1 +1 tabs and then hit enter to find the Mayan equivalent.
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