How to Change the Belt on a Maytag Dryer?


to change the belt on a Maytag dryer, unplug the machine and remove the door. Remove the entire top of the dryer and the front. Reach under the tub to unhook the belt by pulling the idler pulley to the right, then your ready to install the new belt.
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Things You'll Need. Wrench. Flathead screwdriver. Phillips head screw driver. Putty knife. Small socket set. Instructions. Unplug your Bravos dryer from the wall. Use your wrench
Ok first thing you have to do is remove the panel under the door and what im gonna do is put schematic diagrams how to do this here is how to remove the panel under the door
take the rear panel off, old belt is already off since its broken.... simply buy new belt, slide it around the entire drum, and then around pulleys allowing you to adjut the tensioner
1 Disconnect the dryer from the electrical supply. The easiest way to do this is to simply unplug it from the receptacle. This will prevent accidental electrical shocks and burns.
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How to Change a Maytag Dryer Belt
You can save a substantial sum of money every year by doing your own simple home appliance repairs. When it comes to maintaining your clothes dryer, keeping the unit clean and free of lint is often enough maintenance to make it last for years. Belts can... More »
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It is normal for a Maytag dryer belt to wear out after about five years just from simple wear and tear. When the dryer stops working after a sudden bang during its cycle, that is an indication that the belt needs changing. You can purchase a new belt for under $20, but first have to remove the old belt by releasing the springs. Then, place the new belt on the dryer's motor and begin to rotate it until it is tight. Finally, loop the belt under the motor's pulley.
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