How do you clean the filter on a Maytag front-loading washer?


The new Maytag front load washer is a self cleaning washer. There is no lint to clean out, it cleans its self out during or after every wash. Just one more thing the new age takes out of household chores.
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1. Make sure the cord is plugged into a 3-prong outlet, and do not use an extension cord. 2. Check the household circuit breaker or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) If they were
You need to remove the door hinges and screws on the opposite side removefront panel next you will need 5/16th nut driver to remove the 2 clips on the right and left top corners .
On a Maytag front load washing machine, code F33 means system. Press
maytag neptune in my opinion. it gets clothes cleaner than anything I've seen.
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