Maytag Neptune Washer Codes?


To reset a Maytag Neptune washer that has an error code of FL or LO, simply open and close the door and restart the washer. If a error code of PF is showing, unplug and replug in the washer to reset. For a ND or NF error code, look for a kink in a hose. For a OD code, open the washer door. After fixing the problem, the error code will disappear.
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1. Make sure the door is tightly closed if a "do" "FL" or "LO" code appears. When a "FL" code appears, restart the cycle after closing the
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Sud's ( like to much soap ) this causes the machine to shut down . mix some downey of fabric softner in a quart of water . pour it in tank . let set over night . and try again . fabric
Hi I have the same problem. We've had ours for about 2 years now and if you don't use if for about a week you can smell the standing water in the drum. I'm not sure what the solution
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How to Reset Codes on the Maytag Neptune Washer
Maytag Neptune washer are designed to be used with high-efficiency detergents so that less suds are produced and the washer is more efficiently able to tumble the load within it. Maytag Neptune washers feature a display panel on the front that allows you... More »
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