Maytag Neptune Washer Error Codes?


To reset codes on the Maytag Neptune washer, restart the cycle when you see 'FL' code. Wait for about two minutes after you see the 'LO' code and the door will open. In case of, 'nd' error, reposition the kink hose.
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1. Make sure the door is tightly closed if a "do" "FL" or "LO" code appears. When a "FL" code appears, restart the cycle after closing the
Open door
Long drain.
I don't see anything explaining what the F22 code is
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Maytag Neptune Washer Error Codes
Your Maytag Neptune washing machine displays error codes, also called "help codes," to identify specific problems with your washer. Once you close your Maytag Neptune's door, the machine locks the door, goes through the selected wash cycles and unlocks... More »
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To reset a Maytag Neptune washer that has an error code of FL or LO, simply open and close the door and restart the washer. If a error code of PF is showing, unplug ...
To drain a Maytag Neptune washer, first check the drain hose. If the hose is kinked, straighten it and the washer should drain easily. ...
A Maytag Neptune washer is drained by first switching the circuit breaker 'ON'. The washer should be moved away from the wall and the drain hose replaced if kinked ...
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