Maytag Quiet Series 100?


The Maytag Quiet Series 100 is a dishwasher from Maytag which was designed to clean your dishes without the noise. However, Maytag recalled this series due to fire hazard. Around 1.7 M of the Quiet Series 100 were recalled.
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Your Maytag Quiet Series 100 dishwasher won't dry your dishes if you select a non-heated dry setting like "Air dry. Use a rinse aid to assist with the drying process, and do
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in the back or in the instructions of the product, it should say how many watts the item uses.
Keep the old dishwasher if it is working fine because the newer ones aren't worth the plastic their made from. Source(s) 32 years appliance repair.
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How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Quiet Series 100
Dishwashers are a convenience that you can add to the kitchen in your house. One model or type of dishwasher that you can use is a Quiet Series 100 that is manufactured by Maytag. When your Maytag Quiet Series 100 dishwasher is not working properly you... More »
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