Maytag Self Cleaning Oven Instructions?


To clean a Maytag self-cleaning oven, you do not need to use chemicals inside the oven for cleaning. Simply remove the broiler pan and temperature probe in the oven. Wring a rug soaked in hot soapy water and use this to wipe the inside of the oven.
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1. Allow the Maytag self-cleaning oven to completely cool. Open the oven door and pull out the two cooking racks. 2. Find the spring clip retainer securing the light cover. The retainer
First of all, don't do it too often. It will burn out the enamel of the oven. Don't do it more than 3-4 times a year.
This varies from oven to, but they can range from 3-6 hours. When the cleaning cycle is over you will need to wait about 2 hours before opening the oven to wipe out the burnt residue
Self-cleaning ovens use about 900 degrees F (482 C) temperature cycle to burn off spills
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Maytag Self Cleaning Oven Instructions
The self cleaning feature on your Maytag oven allows you to clean the inside of your oven without using harsh chemicals or spending any time scrubbing the oven. While this feature is convenient for busy cooks, Maytag recommends hand cleaning your oven... More »
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