What Is the Breaking Capacity of MCCB?


The breaking capacity of MCCB can reach up to 2500 A. However, the trip current of a Molded Case Circuit Breaker can be modified for bigger ratings. It has a thermal-magnetic or thermal operation.
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A molded case circuit breaker is probably the most common in use for residential and low voltage applications in industrial settings. A MCCB is rated for max current and max interrupting
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As I understand MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Unlike the conventional metal clad Air-Circuit-Breakers(ACBs) or Oil-Circuit-Breakers(OCBs) these are constructionally
In MPCB we do not talk about Ics / Icu no cat. Configuration - class A / class B type of breakers. For TYpe -2 Coordination we need to have external devices like - contactor, o/l
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