How to Make a Dry Rub for Turkey?


To make a dry rub for a turkey you can use a variety of McCormick spices. The recipe calls for paprika, ground nutmeg and sage. Other spices in the rub include poultry seasoning and sage.
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When you are gathering your herbs and spices for a dry rub, always use fresh ones. Herbs lose their flavor over time, and a rub is all about infusing a delicious blend of fresh flavor
Some top 10 turkey rub recipes include herb, cajun, citrus-rosemary and creole. Other rubs are tropical and plain salt and pepper. One who likes a particularly spicy taste on the
This is an awesome rub for your deep fried turkey. Ingredients : 25 bay leaves,
I don't brine and made a marinade for some chicken pieces about a month ago and am eager to try on a whole chicken, as that will be large enough to us and a lot cheaper for me. I
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A good turkey rub is the one that adds layers of flavour, some of the best turkey rubs include; Cajun turkey seasoning, herb turkey rub, Custer's old fashioned ...
McCormick Vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol but IF I HAD to choose I would go with watermelon and grape BLEH!! If I was buying I would by either Grey Goose Pear ...
A good rub for a Turkey before putting it in a smoker is Colorado Spice Company, Spicy Cajun Rub. Or try creating one of your own with some Tony Chachere's Cajun ...
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