McCulloch Chainsaw Fuel Mixture?


You need to mix fuel with a special oil as the fuel mixture for a McCulloch Chainsaw 3.7. You need to get a specific brand of oil for this chainsaw. The oil has a designation number of 600133B. You need to use in a ratio of three to one.
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McCulloch, owned and operated by the Poulan Co. recommends using only its own brand of engine oil for use in the company's machines. This oil was designed and tested at its factories
50:1 is incorrect. That mixture will not allow enough compression and the unit will be very hard to start, if at all. That mixture works well for Sthil products. If using an oil other
Fuel/Oil Mixture
A 50:1 mixture will work
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The fuel mixture for the McCulloch Pro Mac 610 chainsaw is 40 to 1. This is the recommended mixture by the manufacturer. This chainsaw is considered to be an excellent ...
The correct fuel mixture for a stihl chainsaw is adding 50 parts of gas to 1 Part oil. However the mixture might change slightly to 30:1 depending on the quality ...
The fuel mixture for Homelite chainsaw will depend on the particular model type. However, in most cases, these chainsaws run on a 40:1 fuel to oil ratio. Every ...
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