McDonald's Mascots?


The main mascot of McDonald's is the clown, Ronald McDonald. Additionally other mascots include Grimace, the Hamburgler, Mayor McCheese, and many others, though as a brand McDonald's is revealing new characters for their 'McWorld' children site.
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Ronald McDonald
There's no evidence to support the idea that mcdonalds has a different
Ronald McDonald.
The name of the girl mascot from McDonald's is Birdie the Early Bird. Other mascots are Ronald McDonald, The Hamburglar and Grimace.
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McDonald land was a fantasy television program used in marketing the McDonald's restaurants and foods. Characters included; Ronald McDonald as the mascot, Ham ...
Ronald McDonald does not actually have a birthday. He first appeared as a mascot for McDonald's in 1963. ...
Ronald McDonald is the iconic clown mascot for the fast food restuarant, McDonalds. He was originally played by Willard Scott, yes, the same man who does the birthday's ...
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