McDonalds Collectibles Prices?


McDonald's has been around for so long that some of their earlier items and toys that were given away in Happy Meals are now considered collectibles. These items can be worth a lot of money to the right person. McDonald's gave away little toys from the Star Trek movie, the original Beanie Babies, and many others. To the right collector, these items can be worth between fifteen and a hundred dollars. Other restaurant items that were from the earliest stores, such as boxes and displays, can be worth up to five hundred dollars if they are in good condition.
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1. Look at the condition of your doll. A Barbie doll in her box will be worth more than one without her box. A doll in an unopened box is worth even more. A doll whose box is in perfect
1. Scour TV and Radio shows for useful pieces of information. The best example would be Antiques Road Show - more for fun for the casual collector but the serious collector will savor
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The 37 Signals pricing layout seems to work really well for "good, better, best" scenarios. I imagine your pricing scheme is a bit more complex than this, but maybe you
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