McDonalds Franchise Profit?


McDonald's is one of the most sought after franchises around the world today. McDonald's gets about two thousand applications for franchise owners a year. This business makes money because it already has a well known name. The franchise fee is approximately $45,000 and you also have to pay a royalty of 12.5% and 4% for advertising. The profits for this franchise may vary, but the average restaurant brings in a little over a million dollars a year. After all expenses, you are looking at a profit of about $500,000 to $600,000.
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They are very profitable. 98% of mcdonalds do very well. Correction: McDonalds is a big company and it is very profitable because they want to expand. Many franchise owners, but not
McDonald's locations are widely reported to have an
1. Before you do anything else, you must have the. business. experience required. You must have owned several. businesses. or managed several departments successfully. You also need
1. Confirm your eligibility. McDonald's requires that prospective owners/operators possess appropriate business experience, excellent credit history, an entrepreneurial spirit, a's-Franchise
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