Does McDonald's offer Wi-Fi?


Many McDonald's restaurants do maintain free access to Wi-Fi services. In all, approximately 11,000 locations offer this service, so it is not available at every store.

To be certain whether or not the McDonald's restaurant in your area offers this service, look for signs up in their windows that display "Free Wi-Fi Inside". If still unsure, ask an employee to get a straight answer. There are a number of factors that affect Wi-Fi service at your local McDonald's. These include availability in the area, the age of the store in question and the volume of business it receives. Older stores with low volume generally are not high on the company's priority list.

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McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi connections at more than 11,500 locations, Wi-Fi which can be connected to by using your PDA, laptop and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. In order to connect
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The wireless SSID os McDonald's wifi could be "McDonald's FREE WiFi". The name of the free wireless signal or SSID could vary from every store.
McDonalds offers Wi-Fi for free as a way of getting customers into the store. It has no special name is just widely known as Free Wi-Fi available at McDonalds.
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