McDonalds Wifi?


McDonald's wanted to stay current with the times. When the Internet became available to the public, McDonald's wanted to offer it to their customers. The company thought it would bring in customers that would stay longer and eventually spend more money. When they first installed the WI-FI, they charged their customers $2.95 for two hours of service. Starting in March of 2010, McDonald's offered WI-FI for free. The Internet is available free in two thirds of their restaurants with no limit of use.
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1. Turn on your Kindle by sliding its "Power" switch on the bottom of the device to the right. Make sure you are inside McDonald's or within the restaurant's Wi-Fi range
To access the Wi-Fi services in a McDonald's restaurant, you need a Wi-Fi
The wireless SSID os McDonald's wifi could be "McDonald's FREE WiFi". The name of the free wireless signal or SSID could vary from every store.
McDonalds offers Wi-Fi for free as a way of getting customers into the store. It has no special name is just widely known as Free Wi-Fi available at McDonalds.
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1. Search online to find McDonald's restaurants offering free Wi-Fi connectivity. A good starting point is the website, where you'll find a map of ...
To use the free WiFi at McDonald's locations that feature this service, simply turn on your WiFi enabled device. The connection should be automatic. If it is not ...
Go to Mcdonalds and use their wifi. ...
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