MD 20 20 Flavors?


All the flavors of MD 20 20 include Banana Red and Blue Raspberry. MD 20 20 flavors also include Electric Melon and Kiwi Lemon. Spiked Melon is another flavor.
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There are currently 15 flavors of MD 20/20 including Banana, Purple Rain, and
The best flavor for MD2020 is Grape Wine! Strawberry Kiwi is okay too but I love that wine taste. Mine is the blue one.
There is quite a few, most are colourful apart from the grape one which is clear.
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The flavor of Mad Dog 20/20 that was my favorite was grape. I didn't drink that stuff long, though. It was too sweet. You may not care for the grape, though, so ...
MD 20/20 is a low-end wine. This very inexpensive wine comes in 8 flavors. It only costs $5.49 for a 1.5 liter bottle. This drink contains between 13 to as much ...
Mad Dog 20 20 wine is the pride of Westfield an inexpensive low-end fortified wine. This wine comes in 7 to 8 fruity flavors such as pink grapefruit, wild berry, ...
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