Who are the Seattle Seahawks?


The Seattle Seahawks is one team in the National Football League's NFC West Division. In 2014, the team won the Super Bowl LVIII championship.

Making its debut in 1976, the Seahawks franchise chose its team name from a fan contest that drew more than 20,000 entries. As of March 2014, the Seahawks have made two appearances in the Super Bowl, one in 2005 and the other in 2014. They have played in three AFC/NFC championship games, eight division championships and 13 playoffs. So far, the team has a .500 record with 12-12 in playoff competition. The team has also produced seven Hall of Famers and one Pro Bowl MVP, Warren Moon.

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the seahawks emblem is based on a haida design for the thunder bird,bald eagle,owl,ext.the haida was one of many native tribes of the great northwest.
With the birth of an NFL franchise in 1976, Seattle fans
As a Seahawk fan I'll tell you. The 12th man are all of the Seahawks fans. Go to their website and you'll notice that a 12th man banner flies between headline stories. A giant flag
"I don't think it means anything to us, at least the way I see it. It's an opportunity for us to salvage something out of our season and end up 8-8. So, we end up being a spoiler
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a twin-engine, four-seat U.S. Navy helicopter used for surveillance, targeting, and antisubmarine warfare.
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