What Does the Seattel Seahawks Emblem Mean?


Seahawks are a Washington sports team. They play football and are based in Seattle. Their uniform is blue and white, with a Native American style drawn hawk on the jersey.
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a twin-engine, four-seat U.S. Navy helicopter used for surveillance, targeting, and antisubmarine warfare.
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the seahawks emblem is based on a haida design for the thunder bird,bald eagle,owl,ext.the haida was one of many native tribes of the great northwest.
With the birth of an NFL franchise in 1976, Seattle fans
As a Seahawk fan I'll tell you. The 12th man are all of the Seahawks fans. Go to their website and you'll notice that a 12th man banner flies between headline stories. A giant flag
"I don't think it means anything to us, at least the way I see it. It's an opportunity for us to salvage something out of our season and end up 8-8. So, we end up being a spoiler
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