What does "breaking bread" mean?


"Breaking bread" is a Biblical reference meaning "to be grateful for all that Jesus has provided." Remembering His sacrifices and appreciating food before consumption is to break bread just as He did.

Luke 22:19 states that Jesus took bread, returned thanks and broke it apart for those around Him. While handing a piece of bread to each person present, He told them, "This is my body which is given for you: this you do in remembrance of me."

In returning thanks and sharing food, Jesus' apostles and followers began the breaking bread practice. Fellowship and unity was displayed at each gathering.

Q&A Related to "What does "breaking bread" mean?"
To " break bread " means to dine or eat
Do share or give some of what you have with them.
1. Share a normal or "common meal" - traditionally one shared by two or more people - with friends, family and loved ones. In biblical times, "breaking bread"
it means to start a meal.almost like breaking the ice when talking.
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