Meaning of Caddy Corner?


Caddy Corner refers to roughly that is not transversely the street but is diagonally across the street from something. It arises from 'cater' (pronounced katter), which arises ultimately from French quatre (four).
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The phrase caddy-corner consists of an English perversion of the French word meaning four (quatre) affixed to the English "corner. It refers to the four corners of a square,
Diagonally opposite from the point where you are now, as if standing on one corner in a
Caddy is referring to the boys who carry the golf stuff. Most Country Clubs have a 'corner' or area set aside just for these people as they are usually considered 'help'. Thus Caddy
Shower caddies provide safe storage for beauty care products in the shower. They provide space when a shelf doesn't suffice or if a shelf is not available.
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Caddy corner is one of those terms that seems to have more than several spellings, but all have the same meaning. If you say something is caddy-cornered, you are ...
The definition of caddy corner is diagonally placed. There are also other names for this such as kitty corner, and catter cornered. This term is used to refer ...
The phrase 'caddy corner' is French in origin. It comes from the word 'quatre', the French word for four, which was misspelled as 'cater' in English. The phrase ...
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