Meaning of Conforme?


Conforme is a Spanish word which can be translated to mean in agreement with, in accordance, agreed or conformable. It is mores so corresponding in character and seemingly similar.
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The meaning of the word conformation means that a child after he or she reaches ten are confirmed by the bishop. Then only can the child take holy communion in church every sunday.
Conformity is defined as similarity in form or character; agreement. ChaCha for now!
When I hear people refer to POSIX, they almost always mean the "File and Directory Operations" portion of the standard(s). Then again, I'm a filesystem developer. If I
Conform is a verb meaning: to be or become similar in form, nature, or character. Ask us anything!!
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People usually conform for different reasons or causes such as attitude, dress, language, behaviour and also the need to belong somewhere. To conform means to ...
The term scientific means of or relating to the practice of science. It also means conforming to the principles or methods used in science. Technological, biological ...
Smart casual is a loosely defined dress code that generally refers to a casual dress code that conforms to particular standards of certain Western social groups. ...
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