Meaning of Conforme?


Conforme is a Spanish word which can be translated to mean in agreement with, in accordance, agreed or conformable. It is mores so corresponding in character and seemingly similar.
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Conformity means that you are in compliance, accordance, or agreement. An example is: "We are all in conformity with the socially accepted norms."
to conform?
Conformity is defined as similarity in form or character; agreement. ChaCha for now!
When I hear people refer to POSIX, they almost always mean the "File and Directory Operations" portion of the standard(s). Then again, I'm a filesystem developer. If I
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The term conformity refers to an act that is done in accord with current social standards, manner and practices. The term also refers to the association that is ...
bias. ...
Conformity is a process where an individual's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are influenced by other people. It can occur in small groups or just in society ...
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