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Cultural diffusion can be defined as the borrowing of ideas or things from one culture by another culture. Simply put, cultural diffusion is the spreading of a cultural trait from one culture to another culture. These items can include idea, behavior patter, and/or material objects.
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Cultural diffusion happens when cultural traits, traditions, behaviors, or things are transferred form one society to another. Countries that have been colonized have undergone some
new ideas spreading from one culture to aother.
Cultures certainly scatter when there is an economic hardship of widespread proportion. The Irish potato famine caused thousands of Irish to migrate to the United States looking for
Cultural diffusion: in anthropology, the process by which a cultural trait is
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act of diffusing; state of being diffused.
prolixity of speech or writing; discursiveness.
Movies. a soft-focus effect resulting from placing a gelatin or silk plate in front of a studio light or a camera lens, or through the use of diffusion filters.
Meteorology the spreading of atmospheric constituents or properties by turbulent motion as well as molecular motion of the air.
Anthropology, Sociology the transmission of elements or features of one culture to another.
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We are immersed in cultural diffusion every day. When you eat a food from another culture, or see diverse people speaking in another language, that is what cultural ...
Cultural diffusion is the process through which the idea(s) of a particular cultural are spread (diffused) through an area beyond the culture who came up with ...
Cultural diffusion is the spread of culture, including aspects such as clothing and food, from one group to another, typically as a result of making contact for ...
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