Meaning of Death before Dishonor?


Death before dishonor means that it is better to die than to be dishonored. Being dishonored is like having who you are put to shame. It is an old saying. I do not think anyone really thinks that way anymore.
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the death before dishonor tatto is in relation to the code of silence. there for death before dishonor mean that the person is willing to die before he gives up the truth they would
Death before dishonor means I'd rather die than be disgraced or "to die without
"Death before dishonor" means a person would rather die before going against anything that they believe in or die before selling out. report this answer. Updated on Thursday
A guy I know is in the Army and a bunch of his Army pals, including him, have this tattooed on their arms. It means pretty much, you'd die before you ever betrayed something, or honesty
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The phrase 'death before dishonor' has a particular meaning: the speaker is indicating he would rather die than commit a dishonorable act. This sentiment can be ...
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