What is the meaning of the saying "don't burn your bridges"?


In military strategy, "Don't burn your bridges behind you" is about advancing on the battlefield, while maintaining an open path to the rear in case retreat becomes necessary. According to The Free Dictionary, in common parlance, "Don't burn your bridges" refers to leaving a relationship, personal or professional, doing no harm, thereby keeping the door open and allowing the possibility of returning in good standing.

In a changing interpersonal relationship, the individual inducing the change (Mr. Abel) can "burn his bridges" by acting in such a way as to invoke the ill will of the other person (Mr. Baker) such that Mr. Abel would not be welcomed to return. The conscious, provocative action can be something said, done or not done that generates negative feelings and attitudes toward Mr. Abel in Mr. Baker. When bridges are burned, Mr. Baker's feelings and attitude are sufficiently strong as to preclude any desire to re-engage in a productive relationship with Mr. Abel.

Professionally, the wisdom of not burning one's bridges is significant, according to Standard Digital. As the worker (Ms. Carey) advances her career, she frequently engages and disengages from work relationships. If these changing connections are managed in a positive manner that minimizes feelings of ill will, the path for reconnection remains intact. Ms. Carey could constructively re-engage with a former employer or co-worker for several reasons including re-employment, collaboration, job referral, job reference or simply personal connection. If Ms. Carey burns her bridges, however, she loses that resource permanently.

Public bridge burning toward current or former relationships is easily done though social media, but it is especially risky. Most employers (and many individuals) routinely conduct Web searches early in the hiring process, and judgments are made based on the applicant's online profile. Burning bridges can prevent both retreat and advancement.

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