What is the meaning of "duly noted"?


When something is "duly noted," that means that it has been appropriately recorded. The word "duly" means in a proper manner, and "noted" means recorded. The phrase acts as an adverbial phrase.

The phrase duly noted is commonly used in two different ways. In formal settings, the phrase means that a statement is appropriate and will be given proper consideration, most often at a later time. This use is often heard in settings such as a courtroom or business meeting. Sometimes, however, the phrase indicates someone doesn't really appreciate something that has been said. In this case, the words are used ironically. Most often the reply is to a statement that the person feels is insulting.

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Duly noted means correctly or appropriately recorded. People usually say it when they make
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It means he was paying attention, and will remember what your friend said!
When someone says that a document is "duly executed, they are making a summary statement that all of the necessary legal requirements (such as signing, witnesses, notarization,
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