Meaning of Email Symbols?


Meaning of some email symbols are: :-) I'm smiling, :-( I'm frowning, :-< I'm real sad. :-7 I'm smirking at my own wry comment, and :-D for I'm laughing. Email is a form of electronic messaging used in exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients.
Q&A Related to "Meaning of Email Symbols?"
There are lots of symbols, and they all have their own meaning. What symbol do you mean? Anything other than letters of the alphabet is a symbol. @ is a symbol, officially known as
Origins of the @ Symbol. Although typically spoken as "at," the @ symbol is sometimes referred to as the "commercial a" or arobase. There is some debate regarding
The option ticker explains four main things about the option: the. underlying stock., whether it is a. call. or a. put. option, the expiration month and the. strike price. An option
I believe it is Tibetan Drutsa (Drucha) script for the syllable "hum" a part of many Vedic and Buddhist mantras. Check out: nkessen. and more
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