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Meaning of some email symbols are: :-) I'm smiling, :-( I'm frowning, :-< I'm real sad. :-7 I'm smirking at my own wry comment, and :-D for I'm laughing. Email is a form of electronic messaging used in exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients.
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The ' symbol was integrated into email addresses by Ray Tomlinson. Its purpose was basically to show the 'name-of-the-user@name-of-the-computer. Look here for more information:
There are lots of symbols, and they all have their own meaning. What symbol do you mean? Anything other than letters of the alphabet is a symbol. @ is a symbol, officially known as
1. Place the blinking cursor in the area of the email where you'd like the symbol to appear. For example, if you want to add a foreign currency symbol before a string of numbers,
I believe it is Tibetan Drutsa (Drucha) script for the syllable "hum" a part of many Vedic and Buddhist mantras. Check out: nkessen. and more
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