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Engagement ring is a ring worn to indicate that the person who is wearing is engaged to be married. The ring is also simplified as a waiting period after a couple has been engaged to each other,
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engagement ring
a ring, often a diamond, given by a man to his fiancée at the time of their engagement as a token of their betrothal.
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In the unfortunate event that the engagement gets called off, the law actually determines who gets to keep the ring. Etiquette also states that if you are the one to call off the
We've all heard the saying that an engagement ring should cost about three month's salary, but that does nothing to tell us how to go about picking the perfect ring. It only tells
1. Engagement Ring Carat. The carat weight, or the size, of the diamond is a very important feature when looking for an engagement ring. If size is a major consideration there are
do some research on the 4 c's - cut, colour, clarity, carat - as these attributes are the most important in determining the price of a diamond. also bear in mind the 'fifth c' - certification
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Answer according to a site that sells the traditional latvian ring this ring was created for a girl who had seven suitors and couldn't decide which one to marry ...
An engagement ring symbolizes wanting to get married, or your commitment to a person. If someone gives you an engagement ring, this means they are making a commitment ...
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