What is the meaning of 'expecto patronum?'?


Roughly translated to Latin, "expecto patronum" means "I wait for a protector." "Expecto patronum" is a spell used in the Harry Potter universe to summon a Patronus.

A Patronus is a bright, ghost-like animal that defends the caster against Dementors. Each Patronus takes a different animal shape based the person who casts it. Harry's Patronus takes the form of a stag, Hermione's takes the shape of an otter and Ron's Patronus takes the shape of a Jack Russell terrier. Wizards who are too weak to summon an animal Patronus instead produce a burst of white light or a bright mist. Non-corporeal Patronus summons are not as effective as Patronus summons with a solid animal shape.

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Expecto Patronum is correct classical Latin for "I await a protector". It
It is an incantation that produces a patronus, at first in the form of mist, but it becomes fully fledged after you work out a happy enough memory and practice it. It is a shield
1. Aim your wand at a Dementor. 2. Tap the "L1" button. 3. Tap the "L1" button a second time. 4. Hold the same button down to finish casting the Expecto Patronum
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