Meaning of Hola?


Hola is a Spanish word that means hello. It is a popular informal form of greeting people that is commonly used by the youth. In addition, it can be used to greet both known and unknown people.
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Hola is the Spanish word for 'hello' Adios is the Spanish word for 'goodbye' You would use 'hola' when your friends come over, but 'adios' when your mother-in-law comes over uninvited
Answer Hola means hello in Spanish.
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"Hola" means "hi" in Spanish. Hola, Sr. Smith, ¿cómo está usted? is...
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Mexicans speak in Spanish. They say Hola, when meaning Hello. ...
To respond to Buenos Dias, you start by greeting a person or saying hello to a person. Buenos Dias refers to good morning and 'Hola'(pronounced oh-la) means hello ...
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