Meaning of Hook Line and Sinker?


Hook, line and sinker is an expression that is often used in the English language. The meaning of hook, line and sinker can be explained as 'well and truly' or 'hooked'. For example, if one person was to play a prank on another and the victim fell for it, he/she could be described as having fallen hook, line and sinker.
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hook line and sinker: in every detail
when a fish takes the bait, it bites on the hook. when a fish REALLY goes for it, it takes everything - 'hook, line, and sinker.' in other words, it commits to everything - the hook
1 Bake. Yeah I know it sounds old fashion but for some reason even men today will like the fact that you took the time to bake something just for them. I honestly don't know why this
If you have a fishing pole, you need a line attached to the pole in order to fish. You need a hook on the end of the line. To put the hook and the line under water, you need a sinker's_a_Hook_Line_and_S...
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It means the same as 'lock,stock and barrel' It means all inclusive. ...
Figures of speech are common sayings that mean one thing without actually saying it. An example is, 'hook, line, and sinker.' This figure of speech is commonly ...
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